At this stage, we aren’t going to waste your time talking about how the Internet has become a necessary part of your business. Most successful dealers are already in the digital space, and a recent white paper by Spectrum Reach confirms that 85% of new car buyers now “shop extensively online” before they ever visit a dealership in person. So the real question is how do you connect the dots by getting potential customers to move from your virtual showroom to the real thing? Well, one proven method is with effective vehicle descriptions.

This is our focus at Dealer Assist Now, where our secret to success is really no secret at all. Our proven five-step process creates custom vehicle descriptions that not only make your cars and trucks more attractive to shoppers, they also put your dealership in a positive light. That can be as crucial to making the sale as what you say about the vehicle itself.

Step 1: Review

We start the process by taking a good look at the exact vehicle we’ll be writing a comment for. To be clear, you can do this from the comfort of your own office by carefully reviewing the vehicle’s photos along with a list of its unique specifications and features. Of course, it’s so important to be knowledgeable and accurate that we don’t stop there.

Step 2: Research

Our daN writers also do independent research using official manufacturer sources including online brochures, retail websites, and press information. You can use all of these resources to gather more details about the vehicle along with key messages that have already been tested by the automakers to be effective in reaching customers.

Step 3: Write

Relying on all that data, plus years of expertise, our writer’s craft vehicle comments with the sort of natural language and attention to detail that a robot still can’t match. We recommend finding a quiet space where you can concentrate for this step.

Step 4: Edit

We then take quality assurance to the next level by having our vehicle comments proofread and edited by yet another human being, who checks for spelling, grammar, and accuracy. In a dealership, you can try teaming up with another person and splitting the editing and writing duties.

Step 5: Delivery

Finally, we’re able to meet your deadlines every time because our writers are focused solely on creating the best comments they can, without having to worry about other dealership duties. Before committing to doing it yourself, think about whether you have the extra bandwidth to get the job done.

The daN Advantage

A well-written, well-researched vehicle comment lets people know what they can expect from a vehicle, but it can also inform their expectations of your store. For example, if a vehicle comment has sloppy writing with numerous typos, customers could expect your sales team to be equally sloppy and prone to errors – and then move on to the next vehicle listing. The same kind of thinking means that if your copy isn’t reader-friendly enough, some people are going to think your store isn’t customer-friendly enough.

But even the best-written copy won’t do you any good if it’s not accurate. If a comment makes it seem like you don’t know much about that particular vehicle, readers are going to lose confidence in your staff and are likely to lose what little trust they bring to the table in the first place. And if you’re flat-out wrong about a vehicle’s features – indicating it has a sunroof when it doesn’t, for instance – well, you can probably kiss that sale goodbye.

Luckily, writing vehicle comments that check all the boxes doesn’t have to be a chore. All it takes is contacting Dealer Assist Now.

The right words at the right time
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