Imagine that you’re in the shoes of your customer. It’s finally time to buy a new car; you’ve been scouring the internet for reviews of something you can call yours. Next, you have to look into the local dealerships and take the final steps to purchasing a new vehicle. The customer who is looking at your online inventory already has an idea of the type of car that they truly desire. They might be persuaded between one model and another, but they aren’t going to switch from a compact car to a pickup truck just because of a few features.

This is the point where your online inventory needs to look and sound its best. If your competition doesn’t say it and you do, who gets the initial contact? People want to see fantastic pictures, read about their new machine, and have a great price; each of these factors are essential to the sale.

If your car comment just says


nobody will take your dealership seriously—for a good reason. Most customers will see the caps lock and immediately be turned off and go somewhere else. Others will see the excessive punctuation and give their business to another dealership. Losing customers is the true cost of bad car descriptions. If you don’t have a car comment, a customer is likely to go to a place that will. In a world where online marketing has taken over the marketing of yesteryear, your online inventory needs to be on its A-game at all times.  Examine the industries, from food to jewelry, from tires to department stores; it’s mostly automotive dealers that want to SCREAM at their buyers.

Piles of studies and focus groups reinforced by Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook are showing that people are connected to their devices more than ever before.  As more people are nose down in their devices, they shop more, buy more, and they shy away from excessive punctuation, poor grammar, and caps lock. These online faux pas are perceived as “something to stay away from.”

The car comment should describe the vehicle as if you were in person looking right at the vehicle. According to AutoRevo, you should “try to get a solid two or three paragraphs of information” This is exactly what Dealer Assist Now strives for. We use three paragraphs to describe the car in detail. We use storytelling to our advantage which gives each and every car personality and character that resonates with buyers and makes your dealership stand out above the rest.

So go back to imagining that you are a customer who has spent a minimum of 12 hours researching cars online, then go to your online inventory and see if it can hold up against other dealerships who hand write content. Online sales are rapidly increasing, and to stay in the game, the way you market to buyers needs to change too. If you think you could use a little help writing your vehicle comments, click here to Get Started today!

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