There’s big news from a recent Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey Study. According to that report, people in today’s fast-paced world are actually spending less time than ever on the overall car-buying process. But the same research also shows that the percentage of time people spend looking for a vehicle on the Internet is growing. The result is a great opportunity for dealerships to raise their online game with better vehicle descriptions.

The thing is, if you want better vehicle descriptions, you have to start with better ingredients.

  1. The first thing you need is a strong opener that makes an immediate connection with shoppers. You want to grab their attention and get them reading, not have their eyes glaze over after the very first sentence.
  2. To help, remember that deep down, shoppers are often looking to make an emotional connection with their cars. These are products that people name and consider to be part of their families. So your descriptions need to inspire that connection with powerful, aspirational words that play into people’s expectations.
  3. Yet you also have to appeal to folks’ rational side by focusing on the vehicle features and benefits that are at the top of their shopping lists. You don’t want to just post a list of features yourself, though. To engage with your readers, you should use your vehicle description to tell a story.
  4. On the other hand, this is one “story” that can’t be fiction. You have to be absolutely accurate in your vehicle descriptions. If your ad promises a car with a sunroof, it better have a sunroof when the customer arrives. Otherwise, you may not only lose that sale, you may lose others as well through word of mouth.
  5. For the ultimate happy ending – a closed sale – finish your story with a clear call to action that entices folks to visit your store and see the vehicle in person.

And if you don’t happen to have professional writers on your dealership staff, you can always turn to the Dealer Assist Now writing staff for your vehicle descriptions. The daN team offers the personal touch with real writers to craft accurate and expert copy with the emotional content you can’t get from a robot or a VIN Decode. We can supply a proven advantage that lets you focus on what you do best: Selling more cars.

Our Proven Process: Words That Work

1. Review

We start by examining your photos and specifications.

2. Research

Independent research to inform every description.

3. Write

Crafting a draft tailored to each vehicle.

4. Edit

Ensuring accuracy and quality in every line.

5. Deliver

Your custom description, ready for publication.

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