What Real Customers Have to Say About daN

At Dealer Assist Now, we pride ourselves on the success stories and glowing feedback from our valued clients. Our testimonials page is a testament to the transformative impact our custom vehicle description services have had on dealerships across the nation. From saving precious time to enhancing online visibility and sales, our clients share firsthand experiences of how Dealer Assist Now has become an indispensable part of their marketing strategy. Dive into our testimonials and discover the difference our dedicated team and tailored services can make in elevating your inventory and driving your dealership forward. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your vehicle listings or streamline your online presence, our clients’ stories will inspire and guide you towards achieving remarkable results with Dealer Assist Now.

Dealer Assist Now has saved me so much time. Putting comments on new and used vehicles was never at the top of my priorities list, and when I finally got around to it there were so many to do that I did not give a lot of thought to what I was writing. I just wanted to get it done. Now I don’t have to worry about it and the comments are 100 times better then what I was doing. Thanks dAN
Michael Pendergraft, Capital Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Dealer Assist Now was recommended to us a couple of years ago, and I have never been happier to sign off on a monthly bill. The creativity of the comments is astounding and eye catching. We are frequently told: “I read the description and I have to see it myself”. When we were doing this ourselves, the comments were dry and repetitive, these are great. Thank you again.
George O'Sullivan, Thoroughbred Ford
I just wanted to say a quick word about Dealer Assist Now. They have done an excellent job, for our dealership, ever since we brought them on board for the purposes of writing vehicles descriptions. The one time we did have a small problem they responded immediately and got the problem taken care of and followed up to make sure everything was working properly. Here at McCune Chrysler Jeep Dodge of National City we do recommend Dealer Assist Now.
Gary Heinlein, Internet Marketing Specialist, McCune Chrysler Jeep Dodge
We are very pleased with the quality of work Dealer Assist Now provides our dealership. It is a great value to have them on our team.
Scott Robertson, Clancy Boyer Chevrolet Buick
We use the SEM portion from this company. It is amazing to see our little store compete for page one of Google. We don’t know anything about key words, algorithms, or placement but they do. Thanks for helping us tie the rest of the business together and making us stronger on line.
Jessica, Hartford, CT
We use the full-service product from these guys and as soon as we get home from the sale, we fax in our sheets, write down the sale prices, and they do the rest. They reach out to us twice a week and actually ask us what we bought and what we sold and keep everything updated for us. We really focus on selling cars and leave the technical stuff to someone else. The daN girls get it and help us succeed.
Jackson, Mississippi
We are a small franchise in Denver – In the past I had to dedicate 3-4 hours per site to market my vehicles – We feel like we actually have an INTERNET manager now by adding these guys to our mix. All of our sites are done daily, they all match, and we use our saved time for better things like making money. We fax them our info and they load the sites.
Felix, Denver
I run a BDC in Chicago, we like this site because it offers so many comments written by car people that actually help sell cars. Our owner appreciates the way we put our selling descriptions up and appreciates how fast we do them. Using this site really has saved up about 4 hours each week and I like the way each comment wraps with our specific call to action. Wish that this could get automated into the big marketing sites – since when does a data dump sell a car?
Samuel, Chicago, IL
All I’ve every heard from our AutoTrader.com & Cars.com reps is that their online program’s success depended on us writing good comments about our vehicles. No one in the sales tower had the time or ability to consistently keep this up. When I came across Dealer Assist Now (daN) the light came on. I showed the owner what we were currently doing and what these guys at daN could do. His only response was, “this is a no-brainer, get it done.” This was the only marketing change we’ve done for used cars and suddenly we’re selling them again. This works and it’s the cheapest part of my marketing plan, only $250/month; what a great R.O.I.
Gregg Young Chevrolet, Omaha, NE

At Dealer Assist Now, we have great customers, as you have seen from what they have to say about their experiences using our full-service or self-service daN options that they have shared with us. Want to share your own experience using daN? Send us the details, and we’ll add it here!