There are many ways to improve sales of any merchandise. Typical approaches to boost sales include promotion, selling the benefit instead of purely the product, and personalizing your approach. While these ways will work for increasing your powersports sales, and any other business, there is something that motorcycles have a leg up on that other businesses don’t. The joy of riding–that is the one simple secret for boosting motorcycle sales.

Showcasing the Joy of Riding

As the saying goes “money can’t buy happiness,” but we all know that there are exceptions to every rule. In this case, a motorcycle—or any powersports vehicle—isn’t just something to take you from point A to point B. It is an experience each and every time you swing your leg over the seat. Whether you are buying a Harley for cruising the streets to garner attention, purchasing a Ski-do for your family to use out on the lake or finally getting that Arctic Cat ZR 6000 137 Limited that you’ve been eyeing since it came out, the customer is passionate about the prospect of having a good time. Each of these vehicles offers a different experience that dealerships should showcase to boost sales.

With motorsports, the joy of riding is what brings people into the store. The automotive industry is merely a necessity in this age; providing customers with a means to an end. However, consumers are more willing to pay for something that will provide an experience rather than just something to get from one place to another. Capitalizing on this fact is one simple, but effective, way to bring more sales to your business. Storytelling is an excellent way that you can use all of these tools to increase your profits.

In a way, the previously mentioned ways to boost sales for any business relate to this simple solution by combining the three tips into one. Promotion, selling the benefit, and personalizing your approach are merged to create a marketing strategy that appeals to the consumer. Customizing the benefit of each powersports vehicle to sell a story about the experience of ownership allows you to promote each motorcycle, Jet Ski or snowmobile with enthusiasm.

Storytelling is an approachable way to sell

In addition to showcasing the joy of riding, online sales are still increasing at an enormous rate. Providing your customers with an online inventory that will inform, as well as sell, is crucial. Dealer Assist Now is the foremost in the industry for handcrafting stories that sell. Our writers are passionate about vehicles of all shapes and sizes and that passion shines through in our vehicle descriptions.

Having handwritten content on your dealership website can provide your customers with information to make a decision while our stories fuel their emotional needs to buy, leaving your sales team to complete the sale. Read more about how our writing team can provide you with the one simple solution to boosting your sales on our Powersports page.

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