Building strong customer relationships is key to long-term success in the auto industry. That’s the best way to create repeat buyers who are more likely to spread the good word about positive shopping experiences. Of course, establishing those relationships can be a challenge. A dealership has to prove itself at each touchpoint in the sales process, so every customer engagement must be consistent, transparent, and helpful. You also have to put quality over quantity. It turns out that providing fewer – but better – customer interactions can be especially effective with auto shoppers. As for which touchpoints to focus on, we suggest starting where most customers start: with your online vehicle descriptions.

Fishing Where the Fish Are

You need to actually reach customers to attract them to your dealership, and that means your messages have to be where folks can see them. Think of it like fishing. It may sound obvious, but if you want to catch your limit on a regular basis, you need to make sure your hook is in a healthy body of water. Dealers who aren’t online are trying to reel in fish from a shrinking pond.

In this case, imagine that auto shoppers are hungrier for their dream vehicle, they search for what they want, and if you meet their needs with the same words and terms that customers are using in their search queries, then the search engines display your vehicle with ease. On the other hand, certain kinds of language could end up scaring customers away. Comments that come on too strong or seem to oversell a vehicle are red flags for shoppers who are already worried about high-pressure dealership tactics. In short, buyers are not searching for Blue Car, VVTi, DOHC, 16X7 J wheel, or 2DR CPE.

Streamlining the Process

Another concern many shoppers have is about how drawn-out the car-buying process can be. Customers, especially younger ones, hate to waste time, and they expect online shopping to reduce how long they have to spend in a dealership. It’s an unfortunate reality that dealers have to take into account their vehicle descriptions. The best comments will identify the features that are most important to them so that they can get more of their research done in one place and at one time. Using the same words, your shopper uses solidifies that you have the right vehicle that matches their search criteria.

A carefully crafted vehicle comment can streamline a dealership’s efforts as well since it can tell customers a lot about both your vehicle and your store at a single touchpoint. The error-free, factual, friendly language will let shoppers know they can expect an error-free and pleasant experience when they come in to close the sale and get service in the future.

When Less Is More

The bottom line is that, right now, many customers simply want to spend as little time involved with dealerships as possible. So the successful dealers will be the ones who meet shopper preferences for fewer touchpoints while boosting the value of the engagements they do make. Dealer Assist Now is ready to help with high-quality, handwritten vehicle descriptions that streamline the car-buying process by providing multiple benefits, for the customer and the dealer alike, with a dedicated writer from a team that has handwritten over 7.7 million vehicle descriptions.

Marketing Today with the Right Digital Touchpoints
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