What automotive call measurement does for you

Smartphones have bred an entire generation of click-to-call car shoppers that are changing the way we look at success metrics for campaigns. However, phone skills are lacking across the board in dealerships, leaving a broad range of missed opportunities. Since you can fix what you can measure, call tracking is essential to addressing these missed opportunities. Dealerships need to implement solutions that focus on visibility—the ability to know what is happening on the phones, when it happens, and with which employee and customer to make the most of the growing opportunity with phone ups.

What you’re looking for in an automotive call measurement vendor:

  • Tracking for all of your sources
  • A method in which you can accurately source calls at the end of every day
  • A way to measure mishandled inbound phone calls and set alerts that notify managers of opportunities to salvage them
  • Monitoring of outbound phone calls from BDC or salespeople
  • Tracking for sales campaigns
  • Training for your staff on the use of the call measurement tool and processes

CallRevu LLC


  • Track calls
  • Web lead data integration
  • Track ROI
  • Web lead alerts
  • Auto re-engage leads
  • Follow up with call center services
  • Manage CRM follow up opportunities
  • Training by expert Account managers
  • Spot traing and coaching for employees
  • Professional sales coaching and training

Phone: 410.630.4828
Fax: 877.669.2758

1954 Greenspring Drive, Suite 530,
Timonium, MD 21093



  • Campaign reports
  • ROI
  • Recognize sales lost to competitors
  • Identify best performing lead source
  • Fine-tune marketing strategy
  • Standard dealer sales match report
  • Make-level Sales match report
  • Model-level sales match report
  • Lead provider analysis report
  • Lost Opportunity report
  • Custom Sales Match Report Garage analysis

Phone: 844.301.7334

321 Inverness Drive South
Englewood CO 80112



  • Track all incoming calls
  • Log incoming calls
  • Record incoming calls
  • Map incoming calls
  • Notify assigned salespeople of missed calls
  • Track and record outbound calls
  • Web analytics
  • Call Management
  • Website Tracking
  • Car Wars – competitive based call-tracking platform
  • Service setter
  • Lead Launch

Phone: 866.813.1429 / 949.900.0300 ext. 3
Email: info@dealersocket.com

100 Avenida La Pata
San Clemente, CA 92673



  • Broadcast Message Manager
  • Callbright Interactive (View call info)
  • Call Recording
  • Call Scanner
  • Clickable Numbers (Web Calling)
  • Click to Call (Simplified Outbound Calls for Staff)
  • Custom Greetings
  • DNC List Compliance
  • Enhanced Call Completion
  • Inbound Lead Tracker
  • Lead Chaser
  • Live Call Tracking
  • Outbound Lead Tracker
  • Enhanced Numbers (Toll-Free or Local Numbers for use on ads)

Training and Reporting Tools

  • Automated Surveys
  • Automotive Marketing ROI Reporting
  • Call Rescue
  • Call Reports
  • CRM Integration
  • Customizable Access Levels
  • Proactive Training Solutions
  • Rep Codes

Phone: 855.CALLBRIGHT (option 1) / 855.225.5274
Fax: 713.718.1462
Email: sales@callbright.com

6700 Hollister
Houston, TX 77040

Click4Advisor (SPG Solutions, Inc.)


  • Auto call appointment calendar tool
  • Advisor auto chat appointment calendar tool
  • Advisor profile and feedback system
  • Advisor weekly scheduling wizard
  • Automated continue the call add money wizard
  • Automated continue the chat add money wizard
  • Auto mated user callback request system
  • Automated chat back request system
  • Buffer zone before Charges apply
  • Comprehensive user, advisor and group manager web interfaces
  • Group agent interface
  • Advisor’s service pop-up window
  • Custom Dynamic availability status buttons
  • Double-blind internal email system
  • Double-blind Private and secure chat service
  • Double-blind private and secure conference chate service
  • Double-blind private and secure phone system
  • Double-blind private and secure email-based services
  • Email based

Phone: 925.469.9600
Fax: 925.469.9601

5700 Stoneridge Mall Road, Suite 300
Pleasanton, CA 94588



  • Inbound call tracking
  • Call recording
  • RESCUE – email alerts for mishandled calls
  • REACT – Ability to monitor all business’s calls in real time
  • RECOGNIZE – Speech recognition to analyze inbound and outbound call recordings for keywords you want to track
  • REVIVE – Maximize call handling effectiveness
  • Intelligent Toll-Free Numbers
  • PPC Call tracking
  • Organic search call tracking
  • Click to talk
  • Local Number Tracking
  • Call routing
  • Missed call notification
  • eNewsletter
  • Voicemail Broadcasting
  • Call Safe – Safeguard from fines for Do Not Call violations
  • MyDASH – Custom call tracking dashboard
  • Call evaluation
  • Call Sync TM
  • ROI Reporting
  • Call Mapping TM
  • Data and Email Sync
  • Call Forwarding

Phone: 866.403.2938
Fax: 888.821.4260
Email: contact@whoscalling.com

200 Quality Circle
College Station, TX   77845

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