Now that many COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted, dealerships across the country are re-opening and getting ready for a return to business as usual. But you know what? That’s simply not going to work anymore. Shopping for cars online has reached a tipping point, and customers definitely prefer the “new normal.” But if in-store traffic never gets back to pre-pandemic levels, your sales numbers can still reach new heights. The same focus on virtual shopping that helped you get through the worst of the Coronavirus emergency can also help you get more customers now — even if they never see your showroom in person.

Dealership Ready for the New Normal
Words Matter

The key thing to keep in mind is that words matter more than ever. Fewer customers in the store mean fewer face-to-face conversations, so you need to make up for that with stronger written communications that work for you online. Think of it this way: If you can’t talk to a shopper directly during a vehicle walk-around, you need to get the job done with a top-notch vehicle description online.

Remember, a poorly written paragraph or two is a complete waste of pixels. Your vehicle descriptions need to feature important ad words that get noticed by online search engines, and the copy has to tell the vehicle’s value story in an expressive language that engages a reader’s attention. Otherwise, shoppers are going to skip right past your ad and click on another dealership. Losing a sale can be that easy.

With so much riding on the need for high-quality vehicle descriptions, do you really want to trust a free VIN dump or an automated robot that’s never had a human conversation in its “life”  to write them? It would be like letting that same robot try to sell cars at your dealership instead of you doing the talking. So your best bet in today’s selling environment, where being online is everything, is getting your descriptions handled by someone who brings the same professional approach to writing about cars that you bring to talking about them. And that’s a perfect description of the way we work at Dealer Assist Now.

High Quality Vehicle Descriptions
Team of writers

The daN team of writers has years of experience handcrafting vehicle descriptions that consistently out-score computer-generated comments for readability and effectiveness. While Robbie the Robot may stick to listing VIN-associated features, our pros will carefully look at your pictures and research the vehicles themselves to make sure we cover adds and options that would otherwise be missed.

We’ll also use the kind of terms and language that search engines and people prefer. No one is searching for words like “VVTi” or “DOHC” when shopping for a car nowadays, and shoppers tend to shy away from the hard-sell, so we skip both. Then, once the description is written, it will be proofed for typos and similar errors. Customers do notice these things, and they have a proven negative influence on readers.

In the new digital world of selling cars, you need a new way to reach customers with vehicle descriptions that only daN can provide.

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