Annually, the Dealer Assist Now writer team attends local and national auto shows to stay on top of the curve in the automotive industry. The daN team has a passion for vehicles. Recently we attended the famous Chicago Auto Show and took in some of the best presentations in North America.

When we visit, we place ourselves in the shoes of customers. We talk with the vendors, watch the vehicle, visit the marketing people, test drive the cars, and have a good time! This year at the Chicago Auto Show, we all had a blast on the test tracks, got amped for the F-150 Raptor simulator, dropped our jaws at the Chevrolet LEGO Batmobile, and let out an excited shout when they revved the Mustang 5.0 every hour on the Dynometer. We are big kids in a candy shop every time the new model year rolls around.

a picture from the chicago auto show of the Porsche

But it isn’t all fun and games while we’re roaming through the rows of Mercedes-Benz, Maserati, Lexus, Buick, and Jaguar, we’re also taking notes. What’s hot this year? What does a certain make have that nobody else does? Is the car comfortable? What kind of amenities does it have? Is it safe? These are the questions we are continuously asking ourselves as we gawk at all the cars showcased in the Chicago Auto Show. With each manufacturer, there are different demographics. You don’t sell a Maserati the way you sell a Ford. The language surrounding each of the vendor booths makes that clear. While surrounding ourselves with these individuals, we really grasp the talk track that is needed to pursue the right buyer demographic for each vehicle.

We know what drives people to buy a certain car and we capitalize on that fact. The hot item the past couple of years that is continuing to grow is having an App-Connected vehicle. More and more manufacturers are making sure to include this aspect in their vehicles, as well. People want to jump in their car, let their phone play Pandora while the passengers are using the in-car WiFi, and answer text messages after their car reads them out loud. Having this allows the driver to have more time to focus on the road and less time being distracted.

a picture of a Chevrolet Equinox from the chicago auto show

The daN Writers want to be on top of our game as you expect us to be. The entire time we’re at car shows, we’re constantly thinking about buyers’ demographics. When we sit inside a car to check it out, we notice the little things so we can provide customers with the information they need to decide. If it weren’t for these auto shows, we wouldn’t have the genuine talent and information for all the new year’s models that arrive on your lot.

We look forward to the upcoming car shows as a kid waits for their birthday to roll around. Our enthusiasm for cars shines in our vehicle descriptions and that passion is clear to see when the buyer reads it in your inventory. We focus on speaking the right language for the customer, for your customer.

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