Let daN Power All of Your Inventory Descriptions 


Let daN Power All of Your Inventory Descriptions Have you considered getting custom descriptions from Dealer Assist Now for your Powersports inventory? Sure, daN got its start in the auto industry, but since opening our virtual doors in 2007, we’ve successfully shared more than 6.5 million handwritten vehicle descriptions and partnered with more than 7,000 dealerships. So now that daN has become a leading innovator in one of the globe’s most competitive industries, we’re ready to bring the same advantages to the world of Powersports. Whether it’s for motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, or personal watercraft, the daN method can deliver SEO-friendly [...]

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8 Virtually Instant Ways to Improve Your Powersports Website


Whether you’re a top website that has won awards or a website that should just get thrown in the trash, everyone can make improvements. We will be talking about 8 virtually instant ways to improve your Powersports website. These are tricks of the trade that will significantly improve the visual and consumer-driven aspects of your page. SHOWCASING YOUR MISSION STATEMENT. A mission statement, or value proposition, should be on your home page according to Orbit Media. Your customers should know what they’re getting into when buying motorsports vehicles from you. This is a simple fix that will likely improve the [...]

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One Simple Secret to Boosting Motorcycle Sales


There are many ways to improve sales of any merchandise. Typical approaches to boost sales include promotion, selling the benefit instead of purely the product, and personalizing your approach. While these ways will work for increasing your powersports sales, and any other business, there is something that motorcycles have a leg up on that other businesses don’t. The joy of riding--that is the one simple secret for boosting motorcycle sales. Showcasing the Joy of Riding As the saying goes “money can’t buy happiness,” but we all know that there are exceptions to every rule. In this case, a motorcycle—or any [...]

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6 Ways Your Sales Team is Failing at Their Job


So, you think your sales team is above average, and everyone is working their hardest to provide each and every customer with the exact product that they walked in for, right? Wrong. Chances are, your sales team has started down the slippery slope of failing at their job. If you want to truly increase your motorcycle sales, every single person on your team has to be 100% committed and ready to woo the masses with their charm. Today, we will be talking about the six ways your sales team is failing at their job. You have a golden child. According [...]

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How to Write a Motorcycle Comment in 15 Minutes


We are going to walk through how the writers at Dealer Assist Now go about writing a motorcycle comment. This will give you an inside look as to how our writers handle your inventory, as well as give you great information if you choose to do it yourself. There are a few things we need before completing the comment. All used motorcycle comments need pictures, so we can look at them and assess the condition of the model, along with any possible upgrades that were added after the user bought it. When looking at these pictures, the more there are, [...]

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7 Ways daN Will Improve Your Motorcycle Sales


Are you afraid to make the plunge into custom, handwritten comments? Keeping your Motorcycle description fresh and new will provoke an experience for the customer that will lead to repeat visits and purchases. In this post, we will discuss what Dealer Assist Now does to help your inventory sound its best on a daily basis and improve your online Powersports and Motorcycle sales. We know how to speak to your target audience.  When you need a description for a Chopper, you won't describe it the way you would a Scooter. The same goes for trying to sell a snowmobile to [...]

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