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Are Your Comments Getting Better as Prices Go Higher?


The COVID pandemic certainly hit the auto industry hard last year, when new-car sales fell by a fairly steep 14.7%. Yet even as the number of vehicles sold dropped, the prices that people paid for those vehicles increased. In fact, by the end of 2020, buyers were spending more on new cars, trucks, and SUVs than ever before. And it was a similar story on the pre-owned side of the market. Now, some of that certainly has to do with inventory issues. The pandemic shut down factories around the world, which significantly lowered the supply of new vehicles on dealership [...]

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4 Great Reasons to Give Yourself the Gift of Better Vehicle Comments


Right now is one of your busiest stretches of the year, both in the dealership and out: Not only are you and your team working hard to finish 2020 with strong sales, but you also have to balance that by taking care of your family at home, whether you’re buying presents, putting up decorations, or just hanging out with the people you love. In other words, it’s the perfect time to try Dealer Assist Now. daN Comments Can Deliver More Sales As the final few days of December approach, you’re facing your last chance to add sales for the month, [...]

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Are You Ready to Write About 2021’s Hottest New SUVs?


The new year will be here before you know it, and so will an impressive lineup of new and completely redesigned SUVs. These are the rides that are going to attract a lot of customer interest across the country because of their style, technology, performance, and all-around sporty utility. But if you want to attract those shoppers to your showroom — online or in-person — you need to grab their attention with top-notch vehicle descriptions. Additionally, today’s new SUVs are tomorrow’s in-demand used vehicles, which means putting serious effort into superior copy can pay off both now and in the [...]

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5 Great Tips for Increasing Traffic on Your Dealership’s Website


Many dealerships have seen dark days so far this year, but it looks like there may be some light at the end of the tunnel. The industry’s third-quarter sales were up substantially over the numbers from earlier in 2020, with many experts expecting the trend to continue. In fact, a recent study by TrueCar/ALG showed that retail new-vehicle sales were up an impressive 27% in the third quarter compared to the second, and some notable companies reported year-over-year sales gains in September, including Hyundai, Honda, and Toyota. And while the U.S. automakers don’t publish monthly sales results, they’re all well-positioned for [...]

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The True Cost of Bad Car Descriptions


Imagine that you’re in the shoes of your customer. It’s finally time to buy a new car; you’ve been scouring the internet for reviews of something you can call yours. Next, you have to look into the local dealerships and take the final steps to purchasing a new vehicle. The customer who is looking at your online inventory already has an idea of the type of car that they truly desire. They might be persuaded between one model and another, but they aren’t going to switch from a compact car to a pickup truck just because of a few features. [...]

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Supported Makes


Dealer Assist Now has you covered with an ever growing selection of makes for new vehicle comments in addition to a full line of used vehicle comments to support your online vehicle merchandising in both our self-service and full-service packages. Interested in comments for a brand not listed today? Let us know and we'll check with our team of automotive writers to see how close it is to launching. They are working hard to expand our selection of custom new vehicle comments to cover every make.

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