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Are Your Comments Getting Better as Prices Go Higher?


The COVID pandemic certainly hit the auto industry hard last year, when new-car sales fell by a fairly steep 14.7%. Yet even as the number of vehicles sold dropped, the prices that people paid for those vehicles increased. In fact, by the end of 2020, buyers were spending more on new cars, trucks, and SUVs than ever before. And it was a similar story on the pre-owned side of the market. Now, some of that certainly has to do with inventory issues. The pandemic shut down factories around the world, which significantly lowered the supply of new vehicles on dealership [...]

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Comment Showdown: Week 10


Do Automated Comments Perform Better than Handwritten? Welcome back for our Monday showdown where we pit humans against robots. Automotive dealerships might use an auto-generated comment in place of outsourcing for custom, handwritten descriptions. While it would save you money, the quality of the comments significantly decline. Causing such a drastic decrease in the quality of your car comments is like taking a hit on the front lines. This week, we will be showcasing another auto-generator that provides multiple services on top of the comment generator. On the chopping block this week is a 2003 Honda Civic EX. This car [...]

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Comment Showdown: Week 9


Who Will Win the Comment Battle? Welcome back to our weekly comment showdown! Every week we place a robotic comment against our handwritten custom car descriptions and see who comes out on top. So who will come out on top this week? An auto-generated comment or our descriptions that were written by humans? Only time will tell. This week, the car we are comparing is a 2016 Lexus RC 200t. ** REDUCED PRICE! **, 1 OWNER!, All Books & Keys, Backup Camera, Carfax Certified!, HARD TO FIND, LEATHER!, Lexus Certified Warranty, Local Trade, LOOKS FANTASTIC, LOW MILES!, Manager’s Special!, Navigation, [...]

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Comment Showdown: Week 8


It’s another week, and we’re pitting robot against human in the perpetual war of human vs. robot. For those of you who are new to the comment showdown, we’ll break it down for you. Auto-generated comments go head to head against our handwritten comments and then based on the score we give at the end, we see who wins the battle. Who will win this week? Human or robot? Only time will tell. This week is yet another service that provides auto-generated comments as a secondary option. Seems to be a theme, don’t you agree? The majority of services we [...]

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Comment Showdown: Week 7


Every Monday we’ll be compiling an auto-generated comment and placing it head to head against handwritten descriptions in a battle of wit to see which comment sells cars the best. Who will win this week’s Comment Showdown? Human or Robot? Only time will tell. This week we are placing yet another comment generator that requires you to hand click the sentences to put together a paragraph or more describing the car. After playing around with the system we came up with the following couple of paragraphs for a 2015 Nissan Rogue Select S. You could be the proud second owner [...]

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Comment Showdown: Week 6


Happy Monday, and welcome to our weekly Comment Showdown! Every week, we get together and place a human against a robot to see which one can make your inventory sound its best. Will auto-generated comments finally beat a handwritten, custom car description? Only time will tell. Like most of our robotic competition, this company provides multiple services to car dealerships. Without further ado, let’s dive right in and see what this week’s auto-generated comment looks like. Below is the description for a 2014 Hyundai Elantra Limited. Bring your Digital Music collection to life. This baby is ready to RoCk! Just [...]

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Comment Showdown: Week 5


It’s Monday again, and you know what that means! It’s time for our weekly Comment Showdown. We get together every week and place a human against a robot to see which one can make your inventory sound its best! Will the auto-generated comment beat the handwritten, custom comment? Only time will tell. If you'd like to read the previous four weeks of our Comment Showdown, you can read them here. This week, we have a service that claims to do it all. Auto leads, auto remarketing, auto-generated comments, SEO services, etc. Let’s dive right into what a sample looks like [...]

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Comment Showdown: Week 4


Ready for our weekly Monday showdown? Every week we place auto-generated car comments head to head with one of our very own handwritten comments. Which one will win this week? Only time will tell. This week, we are placing our handwritten, custom comments with an auto-generated robot. The service being showcased today is similar to other services. The VIN information is entered and a set of generated sentences are available to pick and choose as the user likes. Below is the hand-picked generated sentences for a 2016 Ford F-150 Limited. No matter if you use this vehicle for work or [...]

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Comment Showdown: Week 3


It is time for our Monday Comment Showdown. Every week we place an auto-generated comment head to head with one of our custom comments to see which one sells cars the best. Human or Robot? Only time will tell. This week, we found a generator that works as simply as selecting how many comments you want to generate and pushing a button. Unlike the past two weeks, this generator is the only service that this website does. Now it is time to show you the generated comment and give the robot its best chance at facing against a human. I [...]

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Comment Showdown: Week Two


Welcome back to our Monday Comment Showdown. Every Monday we place an auto-generated comment head to head with one of our handwritten comments to see which one sells cars the best. Human or Robot? Only time will tell.   As most auto-generated comments, the option is a secondary feature when you purchase the company's online inventory management services. This one lets you customize an opening and closing tagline, if you want a starred list or a long list, and choose the level of sentences that get added to the comment. So we tested it out to see if this auto-generated [...]

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