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5 Award-Winning Dealership Websites

In this post, we will be looking at car dealerships who are award-winners in the industry. The following five web pages have earned an award for their site design, responsiveness, and usability. When reading the [...]

Comment Showdown: Week 7

Every Monday we’ll be compiling an auto-generated comment and placing it head to head against handwritten descriptions in a battle of wit to see which comment sells cars the best. Who will win this week’s [...]

One Simple Secret to Boosting Motorcycle Sales

There are many ways to improve sales of any merchandise. Typical approaches to boost sales include promotion, selling the benefit instead of purely the product, and personalizing your approach. While these ways will work for [...]

15 Tips for an SEO-Friendly URL

Search Engine Optimization is important for every website.  In our SEO series, we will be giving tips of the trade so you can help your site perform well in a search engine.  In this post, [...]

Comment Showdown: Week 6

Happy Monday, and welcome to our weekly Comment Showdown! Every week, we get together and place a human against a robot to see which one can make your inventory sound its best. Will auto-generated comments [...]