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Dealers struggling to find the words for vehicle comments? AC Matt McCann points them in the right direction!

Matt McCann is no stranger to finding tips and tricks of the trade! In his search to provide his dealers with superior service, Matt has found a great website that can assist when dealers have trouble creating comments!

This is an interactive database full of thousands of sellers notes “written by car people for car people” and it’s 100% FREE.

After signing up – you can add in your picture or avatar to enhance dealer recognition. The dealer will add in a signature that will wrap around each borrowed comment and make it their own. The member has three choices.

SEARCH for a Comment in the Growing Library.

ADD in your own personal Sellers Note and store it in your very own Dealer Assist Now Library in case you write with a certain flare that suits your inventory.

REQUEST a comment written by one of the Dealer Assist Network Dealer Partners. It will knock your socks off. when you request a comment, it is automatically emailed to you based upon where it falls in the work queue.

When you find your comment, simply click on the COPY button and in another browser PASTE it in. ATC, Cars/com and Dealer websites all work well. Dealers add in the signature which tags each borrowed comment and makes it their own.

Matt McCann is an Advertising Consultant in Cleveland, Ohio.

What you need to do: Check out Dealer Assist Now!

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