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All you need to know to get started with daN for your specialty vehicle inventory

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Be Engaging

Utilize custom online vehicle descriptions that go beyond the basic features list and accurately represent each vehicle and resonate with your target buyer for all of your specialty vehicles.

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Be Found

Implement search engine optimized vehicle descriptions that leverage a combination of keywords, vehicle details, and experiential information for your specialty vehicles.

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Be Selected

Convert browsers into buyers with descriptions for your specialty vehicles that stand out from the pack and connect with your online shoppers.

Custom Descriptions for Specialty Vehicles

It’s a force of nature: a converting vehicle detail page is a well-written, open invitation to those who read, encouraging a sale. Your content message tone, targeted sales call, and readability are what sells your vehicle. With the right vehicle writing service, your vehicle will have the language needed to support the sale to your potential buyers. Trust in our team to deliver on well-written vehicle descriptions for your inventory.

We do not use software or an automation process to test vehicle descriptions; we don’t offer A/B testing, or anything similar. Sometimes, a creative pen not hampered by the technicalities of page tests can provide sales conversions that rank alongside the highest commission sales person. It can be that simple: we’ve seen it happen. But, we offer no guarantees on the conversion ratios for our vehicle descriptions. What we do offer is human skill, talent, and expertise in vehicle description writing. And, we keep our prices affordable because we simply write the vehicle descriptions and deliver. Utilize our tried, tested writers who have written thousands of successful vehicle descriptions for our clients, with knowledge of how to SEO optimize your vehicle descriptions for better rankings. Plus, we ensure satisfaction with free revisions included in the cost.

Why Choose daN

Why Choose Us

  • Our vehicle description writing professionals do their own research to understand a vehicle and its features.
  • We are versatile and can tailor our language and style to suit a particular vehicle and the type of buyer it is aimed at. For example, we understand that a Thunderbird cannot be described in the same way a Porsche can, or, for that matter, that 50’s and 60’s Chevys must be described in a vastly different language. With our Specialty Vehicle Description Writing Services we will help you target your buyers.
  • Concise yet vivid descriptions that will leave a long lasting impact on the minds of the readers
  • Effective SEO product descriptions with an ability to appreciably increase search engine traffic and sales conversion
  • Relevant copy that provide answers to vehicle-related questions of prospective buyers

Great Vehicle Descriptions Nurture Great Relationships and Generate Leads

Take the Hassle Out of Vehicle Descriptions With Our Expert Writing Services.

Words that Work – Our Proven Process Produces Results

1. Review

We start by reviewing any photos and technical specifications you provide.

2. Research

We do independent research to inform our writing: benefits, features, style, etc.

3. Write

We create a draft of the description and tweak for content, flow, and style.

4. Edit

The description is checked for accuracy, grammar, spelling, and so on.

5. Deliver

Your Hand Written description is delivered to you in the manner agreed upon.

Speciality vehicles services from team daN

We’re Here To Help You Capture the Attention and Interest of Potential Customers Online!

Through Hand Written, Custom Descriptions for Your Online Inventory