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When you are looking to showcase a Rolls-Royce of yours, you need to make sure you do it right. Many people write basic vehicle descriptions, but this is not all that the task entails.

Where do most writers go wrong?

You may think writing a vehicle product description is an easy job; a basic one even. But when it comes to writing a description for a Rolls Royce that is going to connect with potential buyers and get them to act, this is where most people are wrong. It is not as easy as you think because an excellent vehicle product description should not simply describe your Rolls Royce, it needs to help you sell it. This is why if you want to make sure each and every vehicle sounds appealing and inviting to potential buyers, you need to hire the experts.

Where Does Dealer Assist Now come in?

Our skilled Rolls Royce content writers know exactly how to go about providing you with a description that will make your vehicles stand apart from the rest. By enlisting our services, these are some of the things we will focus on.

  • We will make sure each Rolls Royce’s vehicle description addresses your target audience personally and directly because when you write a vehicle product description with a huge target in mind, you end up addressing no one at all
  • Our writers provide the details customers are looking for – from more technical specifications to experiential information. Delivery of relevant and specific information in a concise manner is what Dealer Assist Now is known for.
  • We will make sure the descriptions mention all the benefits that are part of the package in order to entice the audience
  • Superlatives will always sound insincere if used too often so if we make use of them, we will justify why your vehicle is the best, most efficient, or the most advanced to bring about reliability.
  • Lastly, we will make sure our content has the ability to appeal to the potential buyer’s imagination.
Custom vehicle descriptions for Rolls Royce

Why Select dan for
Your Comment Partner

  • Concise yet vivid descriptions that will leave a long lasting impact on the minds of the readers
  • Sharp and crisp descriptions that are free from factual errors
  • Professionally written descriptions crafted to perform in the search engines
  • Relevant copy that provide answers to the [vehicle] related questions of prospective buyers
  • Features and benefits to show why it is the right choice
  • Rapid turnaround to keep your inventory sounding its best
  • We assign the best professional writer to you for Rolls Royce vehicles
  • Free premium customer support because we care about your site as much as you

Rolls Royce Brand Manager

Our Rolls-Royce brand manager supplies the Dealer Assist Now team with all current year’s comments that are designed to make your vehicle sound the very best. The Rolls-Royce brand manager for daN has experienced each model, each trim package, and has spent time in these impressive machines from the showroom to the street. They help process all CPO comments to make all of your Certified Rolls-Royce sound the very best and mirror Rolls-Royce’s offerings – Common sense drives people to the car that is priced right, looks great, and sounds the best! We Supply The Sounds Best For America’s Rolls Royce Dealers.

Copy that sells.

Good copy makes your vehicle pages convert. Our professional description writers have a knack for understanding the most compelling features and benefits of each Rolls Royce. We pull out those features to make your vehicle appeal to your online customers, while writing in the style best suited to them.

One point of contact.

We’re extremely easy to work with. You’ll be assigned a dedicated writer that you can communicate directly with. Plus, at any time, you can call Aaron Johnson, owner and founder, directly. Getting started is as simple as giving Aaron a call. And, unlike crowdsourcing companies, we don’t ship your writing jobs overseas. Our writing team is US-based.

Flexible pricing. No contracts.

We’ll work with you to find the right solution based on your anticipated workload. Just leave a few words about what vehicles you sell and approximately how many custom descriptions you need. We’ll follow up (usually the same business day) with a few final questions to complete your quote. It’s hassle-free!

Partner with Dealer Assist Now and give your customers what they’re looking for.
Our team of copywriters will create descriptions for your vehicles that will support your lead generation efforts and support your revenue goals.

Sample Descriptions

Embrace the time-honored tradition of hand craftsmanship in our 2014 Rolls Royce Ghost Sedan in Diamond Black. Whether driving or being chauffeured, you’ll find this Sedan to be the pinnacle of luxury, offering an atmosphere of success that is undeniable. Motivated by Twin TurboCharged V12 that offers 563hp while channeled through a smooth shifting 8 Speed Automatic transmission which allows for perfectly poised acceleration, soaring to 60mph in just 4.8 seconds with a top speed of 155mph. This glorious Rear Wheel Drive Sedan is nimble and easy-to-maneuver, sweeping around corners much like an agile, statuesque athlete. Thanks in part to incredible active air suspension, all occupants enjoy a ride at the leading edge of comfort.

Our stately Ghost sedan exudes a sense of prestige and power that is truly palpable. Open the door to one of the most sophisticated cabins ever created with top-shelf fit and finishes, endless creature-comforts and absolute attention-to-detail; you’ll immediately know you are in the lap of luxury. Opulent leather on heated and cooled seats with massaging functions, pillow-soft carpet, gratuitous leg-room, power-closing rear doors, and a fantastic sunroof all combine to pamper you. Take command of your digital world with Bluetooth, navigation, DVD, available satellite radio and more. Grand and stylish, this sedan offers a sense of empowerment you must see in the flesh to truly comprehend.

Of course, Rolls Royce has exceptionally strong brakes and other advanced safety features combine to keep you safe from harm. Experience infinite luxury in your Ghost as it turns even the most traffic-filled journey into a pleasure cruise. Print this page and call us Now… We Know You Will Enjoy Your Test Drive Towards Ownership!

The ultimate expression of luxury and prestige, our 2014 Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupé is presented to you in a sparkling Admiral Blue paint scheme. The flagship of the world’s most iconic uber-luxury brand, our breathtakingly beautiful Phantom seduces every onlooker with its fascinating blend of sophistication and style. Delivering all the power you desire is an enormous 6.7 Liter V12 that generates an astounding 453 horsepower at your command. Spectacularly powerful, yet nearly silent in operation, it feels much like a private jet; soaring from a standstill to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds with elegant fortitude and remarkable finesse thanks in part to innovative air suspension. The commanding presence of our Phantom Coupé is majestic with its classic proportions, timeless glamor and 21 inch cast aluminum wheels. Heads will turn, and mouths will drop as you pass by in your regal Phantom.

Highly customizable to meet your every wish, the handbuilt Phantom cabin is everything you’d expect and more. Leather on sculpted heated seats, wool and cashmere headliner, gleaming metal inlays and gorgeous wood trim combine with the latest in technology to impart a sense of automotive bliss. A seamless connection to your digital world is close at hand with Bluetooth, voice controls, navigation, and a prominent multifunction electronics interface display. Take in a concert-quality Harmon Kardon Lexicon Logic 7 surround-sound system with DVD, iPod interface, and satellite radio as you enjoy the art of driving in your Phantom.

Rolls Royce includes meticulously designed advanced safety features such as emergency telematics, automatic and adaptive LED headlights, maneuvering cameras and innovative anti-roll bars to offer tremendous peace of mind as you embark on your next journey. Unprecedented luxury and decadence await you behind the wheel of this Phantom. Print this page and call us Now… We Know You Will Enjoy Your Test Drive Towards Ownership!

Our Commitment to Rolls Royce Comments

Dealer Assist Now began its journey in 2007 as a place for dealers to share vehicle comments/seller’s notes. We started with a few dealers and quickly grew a full-service platform that helps dealers in all 50 states and a few in other countries. We work with your Rolls-Royce product with the goal to be the voice of the vehicle. Without comments, your online store is like a salesperson standing next to your vehicle with his or her mouth taped shut.

Our Rolls-Royce Comment staff attends auto shows, follows motorsports, and comprehends the dynamics of Rolls-Royce vehicle ownership. They understand the confidence you have with the Ghost and describe it with passion. Our writers know the Wraith buyer as well as the Phantom owner. Rolls-Royce is a way of life and for anyone that has not experienced this pleasure, we walk them down the path.

If you don’t have time for Self-Service, we offer a practical Full-Service solution that makes your vehicles sound the best. Our staff is divided into several departments based upon brands we are managing. We have seasoned writers that work with the back-end tools from HomeNet, Dealer.com, Cobalt, AutoTrader, Cars.Com, Rey-Rey Naked Lime, and hundreds more in the USA/Canada. We accept feeds daily or set up APIs for faster service. Our professionals have a pure passion for your product and are excited to help you sell.

How It Works

Custom Vehicle Comments - Dealer Assist Now

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Our team customizes comments to tell the story of each vehicle with a clear call to action for your store. This provides consistency to your online marketing and helps drive traffic. We give buyers the facts they need to make an intelligent buying decision. Our daN staff has years of training with industry leaders like AutoTrader.com, Cobalt, Dealer Specialties, CARS.com, HomeNet, eCarlist, Dealer.com, Liquidmotors, and many others!

Full-Service New — Our Rolls-Royce brand manager reviews each placement and ensures your Rolls-Royce comments sound the very best! We process incoming feeds and write comments the same day when pictures are present. daN knows what it takes to get your vehicle on the “shortlist” when customers are making the decisions. Buyers are just like you and choose the one that is priced right, has great pictures, and sounds the best!

Self-Service New — Access to the daN dealer site through the Secure Dealer Portal allows you single log on access to all 2012 and newer Rolls-Royce starter comments plus over 1 million and growing of brand X used. This is a dealer managed cut/paste option (no writing) with the ability to change any comment to suit you 100% **Popular choice for any ISM

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