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All you need to know to get started with daN for your new vehicle inventory

It’s a force of nature: a converting vehicle detail page is a well-written, open invitation to those who read, encouraging a sale. Your content message tone, targeted sales call, and readability are what sells your vehicle. With the right vehicle writing service, your vehicle will have the right language needed to support the sale to your potential buyers. Trust in our team to deliver on well-written vehicle descriptions for your inventory.

Hand Written Vehicle Descriptions
Power Internet Sales

daN’s New Vehicle Descriptions are like your best salesperson – they deliver vehicle details in a way that makes potential customers ready to sign on the dotted line. Most customers don’t fall in love with a vehicle after being presented with specification lists, (look at a nutrition label on Pork & Beans) they fall in love with the adjectives related to the vehicle – think sleek, sexy, fast, powerful, sporty, flexible, rich, fun, snug, firm and perfect for them. We put words out there that take customers from thinking about numbers to building the kind of emotional connection that they just can’t walk away from. Add to those adjectives the kinds of details that give buyers enough of the right kind of information they need to convince themselves this is the right vehicle for them and they will be ready to sign on the dotted line and drive away happy.

Put daN’s Professional Writers to work for you and you get an experienced team of automotive writers who love helping you make the sale of your new and certified vehicle inventory – all at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in house team of writers for your internet sales department. With new vehicles, you’re always in a price war. Generally the lowest priced dealer wins. If it’s close, the one that sounds better to the buyer wins – your buyer is compelled to buy the one that sounds the best. With a great comment you win and secure a trade. We invite you to click on the make of your choice, print the PDF brochure, and take it to your sales meeting to show your team how we can help your store. Be sure to check out the sample descriptions.

Why Choose Us

  • Hand Written descriptions that speak directly to consumers and fuel the emotional need to buy
  • Professionally written descriptions crafted to perform in the search engines
  • Relevant copy that provide answers to the vehicle-related questions of prospective buyers
  • Features and benefits to show why it is the right choice
  • Product copy that drives sales and builds brand awareness
  • Vehicle description copy crafted to perform on dealer websites
  • Our professional writers know vehicles and provide high-level research to back up their writing
  • Free up in-house resources time so they can get back to doing what they do best
  • Free premium customer support because we care about your site as much as you

Focus on selling, not writing vehicle descriptions for your website.

Dealer Assist Now is the fastest, easiest way to implement Hand Written custom vehicle descriptions online. Take control of your website.

learn how daN handwritten comments support the omni channel path to purchase

Supporting the Omnichannel Path to Purchase

Omnichannel shoppers often utilize vehicle descriptions at online dealers explicitly for vehicle research, even if they intend on making their final buying decision in the dealership. Consumers’ expectations about the kind of information they’ll be able to access online has dramatically increased. More and more shoppers research vehicles via mobile even while in-dealership, often while holding their device in one hand as they look at a vehicle. Window stickers have a finite amount of space while the web has the advantage of infinite scroll.

Shoppers turn to online vehicle research to get detailed information, comparison shop, and even read car ratings and reviews–all things that they usually can’t get from window stickers.

Optimized vehicle descriptions are a key enabler to ranking highly on search and opening the door to further exploration. Your vehicle descriptions now need to do the work of getting your shoppers to get to walk through it. More engagement means more shopper consideration which increases your chance of a sale. Custom product descriptions will capture your shoppers attention and can increase vehicle sales.

Why Descriptions from Dealer Assist Now Work

We deliver descriptions that are handwritten using a proven formula that reads well, searches well, and grades well with search engines – the way your buyers search.

Google and Bing main product is “words” and they are the global leaders connecting people to the information they crave. By using the words in your descriptions that the buyer is using to search with, the search engines are able to provide your vehicles in the search results they return. Here’s how we help:

  • Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Keywords

  • Long Tail Keywords

  • Make, Model, Trim, Body Style, Drive Type, and Factory Color

  • Gross Adds – Navigation, Back Up Camera, Tonneau Cover, Lifted Trucks, Accessories

  • Right Keyword Density

  • Content That is Compelling to Buyers

  • Simple, Easy To Understand Content

  • Non-Patronizing Tone – No CAPS

  • Crisp and Precise Sentence Structure

  • Fact-Checked and Accurate Data

  • Crafted for Natural Language Processing

  • Comments on Demand – Fast Turn Around for Unique Vehicles

  • Designed to Support Voice Search

  • No False Promises or Wrong Commitments (like this vehicle will Never let you down)

  • Every Description is Edited/Reviewed by U.S. Based Editors

  • Dedicated Writer with Full-Service Package

  • Top-Notch Support Team

Turn your website visitors into customers. Don’t wait another minute to put custom descriptions to work for you!