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Revolutionize Your Online Sales with daN’s Human-Written Vehicle Comments

At Dealer Assist Now, we transform your vehicle listings into compelling narratives that drive sales. Discover how our unique approach to writing vehicle descriptions can elevate your dealership’s online presence, attract more customers, and significantly increase your revenue.

Full-Service Writing – Your Personal Automotive Writer

With your own assigned writer from daN, comments are Hand Written when your photo tech uploads your vehicles. In this process, we write in your system and you never miss a beat. This package is based on your inventory size and is priced accordingly. Each day, we will review your data/pictures and write a comment for each vehicle added to your inventory for you. It’s the perfect partnership for a busy dealership – you get a professional automotive writer that simply takes care of things for you – no supervision or reminders required. Get back to doing what you do best – selling – and leave the vehicle descriptions to your dedicated writer.

Basic Self Service – Used Vehicle Comments – You Do It

Access our huge daN library to bring consistency to your on-line marketing. Drive traffic your way by giving your customers the facts they need to make an intelligent buying decision in a comment written by a person, not a machine – not to mention the SEO and keyword benefits that will help your store in the search engines. Our self-service option is a popular choice for any internet manager that prefers to utilize a description library that is maintained by professional comment writers. This takes the time out of writing comments and allows the manager a cut/paste friendly resource that will save them hours per day.

Just Want New Vehicle Comments for a Single Make?

Select our standard package with unlimited new vehicle comments for a single make and get unlimited used vehicle comments as a bonus. Our new vehicle comments are professionally Hand Written and are available quickly with the release of each new model year. When your new vehicle inventory sounds amazing, securing trades from customers is easier. With this package, you also get Comments on Demand. With Comments on Demand, our writers will custom write a comment for you – just ask! Plus, our writers do not change pricing, delete inventory, or edit photos so your inventory is in good hands.

Get Started with a Free Trial  to Learn How daN Works

Our free trial option is No Charge for you, commonly referred by your AutoTrader or Cars.com Reps, and gives you free access to 25 used vehicle comments for 1 day from the dealer shared library.

Need more than 25? Learn how!

**Limited to a Single Trial Per Dealership/Dealership Personnel

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Take the first step towards revolutionizing your dealership’s online presence. Whether you prefer the hands-on approach or the convenience of a full-service writer, daN has the perfect solution for you.

Where Every Word Counts – Drive Your Sales Forward with daN!

Full-Service Writing – Your Personal Automotive Writer

  • Hands-Free, Stress-Free: Get your very own assigned writer from daN. We write handcrafted comments directly in your system when photos are uploaded, ensuring every new addition to your inventory has a captivating, SEO-optimized, and accurate description.
  • Seamless Integration: This service is ideal for busy dealerships. Our expert automotive writers handle everything, allowing you to focus on what you do best – selling cars.

Basic Self-Service – Access Our Extensive Library

  • For the Hands-On Dealer: Dive into our vast daN library for consistent, high-quality online marketing. Our self-service option gives internet managers the flexibility to use our professionally written descriptions, saving you hours each day.
  • SEO and User-Friendly: Each description is crafted to improve your search engine rankings and engage potential buyers with compelling narratives.

Customized New Vehicle Comments

  • Stand Out with Every Make: Choose our standard package for unlimited new vehicle comments for a single make, plus bonus unlimited used vehicle comments. Our comments are timely, detailed, and tailored to showcase each model’s unique appeal.
  • Comments on Demand: Need something specific? Our writers will craft custom comments upon request, ensuring your inventory always sounds its best.

How daN Works

What Makes daN Different?

How daN Works for Automotive Detailed Vehicle Descriptions

Enhance Your Online Impact

In the digital age, the right words can set your inventory apart. daN’s descriptions are more than just text; they are your sales pitch, your brand voice, and your customer’s first impression.

How daN Works - Professional Automotive Writing Service

Expertise at Your Fingertips

With years of automotive and marketing experience, our writers bring a level of professionalism and knowledge to your vehicle descriptions that AI simply cannot match.

Drive automotive conversions with descriptions

Drive Conversions

The right wording can turn a browser into a buyer. We specialize in creating that emotional connection that makes your vehicles the “best” choice in the minds of customers.