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daN Goes To The Chicago Auto Show!


Annually, the Dealer Assist Now writer team attends local and national auto shows to stay on top of the curve in the automotive industry. The daN team has a passion for vehicles. Recently we attended the famous Chicago Auto Show and took in some of the best presentations in North America. When we visit, we place ourselves in the shoes of customers. We talk with the vendors, watch the vehicle, visit the marketing people, test drive the cars, and have a good time! This year at the Chicago Auto Show, we all had a blast on the test tracks, got [...]

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8 Virtually Instant Ways to Improve Your Powersports Website


Whether you’re a top website which has won awards or a website which should just get thrown in the trash, everyone can make improvements. We will be talking about 8 virtually instant ways to improve your Powersports website. These are tricks of the trade that will significantly improve the visual and consumer-driven aspects of your page. SHOWCASING YOUR MISSION STATEMENT. A mission statement, or value proposition, should be on your home page according to Orbit Media. Your customers should know what they’re getting into when buying motorsports vehicles from you. This is a simple fix that will likely improve the [...]

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Comment Showdown: Week 10


Do Automated Comments Perform Better than Handwritten? Welcome back for our Monday showdown where we pit humans against robots. Automotive dealerships might use an auto-generated comment in place of outsourcing for custom, handwritten descriptions. While it would save you money, the quality of the comments significantly decline. Causing such a drastic decrease in the quality of your car comments is like taking a hit on the front lines. This week, we will be showcasing another auto-generator that provides multiple services on top of the comment generator. On the chopping block this week is a 2003 Honda Civic EX. This car [...]

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5 Bad Habits That Drive Your Customers Crazy


If you take a moment just to enter in a Google search, you’ll see thatthere are many, many articles on the web dedicated to this one subject. Salespeople are everywhere from car dealerships to the server at your local restaurant. We’ll be going over the top 5 bad habits that drive your customers crazy and even out the door. Being a know-it-all. Whether you only think you know everything about the cars you sell or you truly know just about everything there is to know about the inventory, acting like a know-it-all is guaranteed to turn customers off. If you’re [...]

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Comment Showdown: Week 9


Who Will Win the Comment Battle? Welcome back to our weekly comment showdown! Every week we place a robotic comment against our handwritten custom car descriptions and see who comes out on top. So who will come out on top this week? An auto-generated comment or our descriptions that were written by humans? Only time will tell. This week, the car we are comparing is a 2016 Lexus RC 200t. ** REDUCED PRICE! **, 1 OWNER!, All Books & Keys, Backup Camera, Carfax Certified!, HARD TO FIND, LEATHER!, Lexus Certified Warranty, Local Trade, LOOKS FANTASTIC, LOW MILES!, Manager’s Special!, Navigation, [...]

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Comment Showdown: Week 8


It’s another week, and we’re pitting robot against human in the perpetual war of human vs. robot. For those of you who are new to the comment showdown, we’ll break it down for you. Auto-generated comments go head to head against our handwritten comments and then based on the score we give at the end, we see who wins the battle. Who will win this week? Human or robot? Only time will tell. This week is yet another service that provides auto-generated comments as a secondary option. Seems to be a theme, don’t you agree? The majority of services we [...]

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