So much has changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic that it can be easy to forget what’s stayed the same. For instance, a little coronavirus isn’t likely to stop American drivers from wanting a new ride, especially if it’s a truck or SUV. Sales in those segments were still on the rise when this all began, remember, so there might even be some pent-up demand now that the economy is getting back in gear. But while people are still hungry for their next vehicle, your dealership will have to use a new recipe to satisfy their needs.

Connecting with Customers in a Post-pandemic World

It’s a two-part process, starting with your commitment to digital retailing solutions that customers crave, both for their safety and their convenience. The “new normal” for dealerships today includes handling everything you can online, from evaluating trade-ins to doing vehicle walkarounds to actually closing the deal. The fact is, with at-home test drives and new-vehicle drop-offs, more and more customers are buying cars without ever setting foot on a dealership’s lot. If you’re not prepared to do business the same way, be prepared to lose sales.

New Normal

Just as important is the second part of the process, which involves getting the message out about your services so you can attract potential customers. One bit of good news here is that the increased number of shoppers online makes it easy to see that you should put your communications in the same place.

Now, we know all that’s a challenge, especially since the pandemic has left a lot of dealerships short of both staff and resources. But make no mistake: This is the way forward, and Dealer Assist Now is here to help.

The daN team has decades of combined experience hand-writing online vehicle comments in a natural voice that you won’t get from automated VIN dumps. We also follow a proven process of our own that includes analyzing your photos, doing independent research, and then having another real person give the comments a final quality check before they reach you.

Content is king online, and our content is engaging, factually correct, and filled with SEO terms that customers are known to use. We won’t waste your space with things like “DOHC” or “VVT” that real-world shoppers almost never mention in a vehicle search. What we will do is tell a compelling story about the vehicle that entices readers to make the next move. Each comment also leaves room so you can add a customized message that’s specific to your dealership.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

We offer a key advantage in terms of efficiency as well. As mentioned, customers today are expecting you to do more because of the COVID-19 crisis, yet the same pandemic means you probably have fewer people on hand to do anything. The daN team lightens your load by putting our entire focus on crafting effective, high-quality vehicle comments so you don’t have to.

Nowadays, a vehicle comment will probably be the very first communication you make with an auto shopper. Don’t let it be your last by using anything less than a comment from daN.

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