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Good copy makes your glider and other aircraft pages convert. Our professional description writers have a knack for understanding the most compelling features and benefits of gliders and other aircraft  — even when they are completely new to us. We pull out those features to make each aircraft appeal to your online customers, while writing in the style best suited to them.

Sailplane Glider

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We’re extremely easy to work with. You’ll be assigned a dedicated writer that you can communicate directly with. Plus, at any time, you can call Aaron Johnson, owner and founder, directly. Getting started is as simple as giving Aaron a call.  And, unlike crowdsourcing companies, we don’t ship your writing jobs overseas. Our writing team is US-based.

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We’ll work with you to find the right solution based on your anticipated workload. Fill out the form below to get started. Just leave a few words about what gliders you sell and approximately how many custom descriptions you need. We’ll follow up by email (usually the same business day) with a few final questions to complete your quote. It’s hassle-free!

Glider and Other Aircraft Descriptions

The product detail page. The often forgotten and neglected piece of sales strategy. What’s more your aircraft descriptions have such a profound impact on your website’s SEO, rankings and even conversions and thus revenue. Many companies receive their data or descriptions from a data feed, or vendor data sheet, which means that you are sharing all description text with everyone else receiving the same data feed. So how can your website and aircraft stand out from the crowd? Why would the search engines choose to rank your sailplane page over the other dozens or even hundreds of sites with the exact same sailplane and description on their site? The reality is, not only does it make it harder for you to rank ahead of your peers, but Google discounts sites with heavily duplicated content. That is where Dealer Assist Now’s team of professional writers comes in, we have been creating product descriptions for companies all over North America.

A glider and other aircraft product description is not simply a bullet list of features, no that is what a feature list is for. A quality custom product description can vary from a playful tone, a very descriptive tone, or a salesy tone, or story based description, this generally depends upon your niche and ideal customer type. The best style for glider and other aircraft product descriptions is subjective, but typically the best glider or other aircraft description is going to describe the glider and usage scenarios of it while also explaining the benefits of purchasing that glider from you. We find that more times than not, it benefits you to NOT replace your technical descriptions, but to just ADD more content to them. Meaning you keep the detailed technical specifications from the manufacturer – same as everyone else – because that is what it is. But in addition to that, you add a custom glider description that talks about the specific glider and scenarios in which you could use the glider. This will make your entire aircraft description page unique in comparison to other people selling the same glider or other aircraft. The compelling description will also keep your visitors engaged longer as well as possibly even emotionally connected, and the longer you keep a visitor on your site, the higher your conversion rates go up. This is an often neglected strategy that pays dividends many, many times in return compared to cost.

Why Choose Us

  • Concise yet vivid descriptions that will leave a long lasting impact on the minds of the readers
  • Keywords woven in to appeal to search engines and help you get found
  • Relevant copy that provide answers to the glider-related questions of prospective buyers
  • Features and benefits to show why it is the right choice
  • Product copy that drives sales and builds brand awareness
  • Rapid turnaround to keep your inventory sounding its best
  • Our professional writers know niche topics and provide high-level research to back up their writing
  • We assign the best description writer to you for your niche
  • Free up in-house resources time so they can get back to doing what they do best
  • Free premium customer support because we care about your site as much as you

Why daN for Glider and Other Aircraft Descriptions

Ready to use custom descriptions to entice your customers and sell your company’s gliders and other aircraft in a concise and persuasive manner? Our Hand Written descriptions are designed to speak to your ideal buyer directly and personally, and answers questions using the words your ideal buyer uses. Get started today!

Professionally Hand Written Custom Descriptions

Our writers are diversified, offering your company cutting-edge descriptions that elicit excitement or simply inform. We provide descriptions that contain technical specs, experiential information, CTAs, and basic information.

Sample Description

Grob G103 Twin II Sailplane

Coming soon

Grob G103 Twin II Sailplane

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Primary, secondary, and tertiary keywords

  • Long tail keywords

  • Brand, type, and other aircraft specification details

  • Right keyword density

  • Content that is compelling to buyers

  • Simple and easy-to-understand language

  • Non-patronizing tone

  • Crisp and precise sentence structure

  • Fact-checked and accurate data

  • No false promises or wrong commitments

  • Every description will be edited by U.S.-based editors

  • Upon request, custom descriptions will be rewritten

  • Dedicated writer with full-service package

  • Top Notch Support Service

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