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Enter the “vehicle description service with high standards.” The most important thing about daN is that we’re dedicated to creating and delivering quality vehicle descriptions, all the time. On a monthly average, we write close to 20,000 descriptions. Our staff and copywriters include some of the most talented vehicle description writers you’ll find anywhere. We have expert copywriters with industry relevant expertise, including backgrounds in automotive, powersports, heavy equipment, aircraft, boats, RVs, and more. We believe in what we do, and it keeps us successful. We are USA-based, but our team serves Canadian accounts as well. Our extensive content team has handled thousands of current client projects to date. It’s time you join our clients. They’ve experienced great success from our vehicle descriptions. The secret sauce for successful vehicle descriptions revolves around how high your quality is, and we can deliver on that.

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No request is too big or too small for our team. If it matters to you, it matters to us. Let us make your online vehicle descriptions produce results.

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Executive Leadership from a Car Guy

A little about daN’s owner. Aaron has worked in the automotive industry for over 34 years – has worked for dealer groups, worked with dealer associations, top media companies, and even took time off to build a few racetracks. His passions have allowed him to drive some of the fastest cars in the world in a track setting. From street racing to supercars, superbikes or motocross, it is about the passion of the machine and he knows that people buy cars because they have an attraction to them.

In any setting, the conversation can steer to “Hey, what do you drive?” and the answers are astounding on why people make selections. Tie this research with the dynamics of search characteristics of each buyer demographic, and Aaron has created comments that work in today’s Search World. Search by Word or Voice requires human interaction.

This shared passion is what drives his team to write great comments to help you sell your product. All you want is to be the top choice, right? With the power of online searches today, your customer can find the same car, same color, the same price anywhere – but if YOURS sounds better, you get the first shot at the sale. We are also priced right; it just makes sense to put Dealer Assist Now on your team!

Aaron Johnson
Aaron JohnsonAutomotive Journalist/Founder

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About daN’s History

daN’s roots
Dealer Assist Now began its journey in 2007 as a place for dealers to share Vehicle Comments/Sellers Notes that actually help sell cars vs. the VIN data dumps that don’t work. (Its been 20 years since PW/PL/PS/PB/AC worked and who searches for a Creampuff or 2DR CPE?) Hand Written Vehicle Descriptions were so successful that in one short year, we added 4,000 dealers and 110,000 shared comments “Written by Car People, For Car People.” Today we help over 7,000 dealers and have over 6,500,000 professionally written vehicle comments. We even catalog used vehicles back to 1900. WOW! If You Need It, We Write It!

The Development of Full and Self-Service Options

daN’s products and services
The positive feedback from dealers had one thing in common during that year – Why don’t you do this for us? We agreed and created the Full-Service options for daN. Whether you need custom new car comments or used vehicle comments, we have you covered with our team of professional automotive writers. Our team of writers Hand Writes every brand’s make, model, trim, body style, drive type, down to the factory color. We even write all of your factory CPO and the new model year as released. Our staff is divided into several departments based upon makes. We have professionals that work with the back end tools from HomeNet, vAuto, Cobalt, Auto Trader,, and hundreds more that manage your inventory.

From Humble Beginnings

What we do actually works
We started as a subscription sharing service, and now our team writes in your system, and your system manages all syndication. Your assigned writer reviews pictures, examines data, and details your history reports to come up with the best Vehicle Description possible. Most daN Comments Keyword Score over 80% compared to a Robot Comment that scores at 11% or less. We write MPG for the USA, KM/L for Canadians, and Kilowatts for our Australian Dealers. Our Team writes on Average 320 Comments per hour. Many popular Auto Magazines write 40 cars per month, and they don’t help you sell your inventory!

Want to know more about daN, where we’re headed, and what’s new? Check out our Top News!

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