Are you afraid to make the plunge into custom, handwritten comments? Keeping your Motorcycle description fresh and new will provoke an experience for the customer that will lead to repeat visits and purchases. In this post, we will discuss what Dealer Assist Now does to help your inventory sound its best on a daily basis and improve your online Powersports and Motorcycle sales.

  1. We know how to speak to your target audience.  When you need a description for a Chopper, you won’t describe it the way you would a Scooter. The same goes for trying to sell a snowmobile to a customer wanting an ATV.  Our writers are the best at marketing towards the perfect audience for your Motorcycles and Powersports. We use different language for different vehicles and know how to turn the mechanical aspects into an easy-to-understand comment.
  2. In the world of Powersports, it is crucial that you get creative to attract the right customers. Following along the same lines as targeting your optimal audience, you wouldn’t attract people who want to buy a moped and try to get them to buy a four wheeler. Their needs are different, meaning that you need to target them differently.
  3. For real humans to find what they are looking for, you need to use SEO best practices for optimal placing in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Our writers can weave the optimal keywords into our comments that help you rise above the rest in the SERPs. Keyword inclusion is an outstanding skill that we have trained all of our writers in and it has become second nature to us.
  4. Let us take care of the writing, so your in-house salespeople can get back to doing what they do best! It is rare when a salesperson is good at writing a good vehicle description. Luckily, these are the kinds of writers we hire. So you can let your in-house employees get back on the floor and sell to the customers that read your wonderful online comment.
  5. Service writers should produce quality, consistent comments for your motorcycles. Without consistency, you might get a sale every once in a while, but you won’t have many repeat customers. When people go out in search for a new motorcycle they love the experience of buying one. This experience includes the online part, too. Our writers follow a consistent format for all of our comments, making the experience heartwarming and memorable.
  6. Working with our writers is easy. So easy, we pride ourselves on it. Each dealership is assigned a writer who is just as invested in your Powersports sales as you are. When you have a writer who cares about your sales, unlike a robot that has no emotional connection, you can evoke emotion in your customers. And if you need something changed, our writers are easy to reach and handle your request that day.
  7. The cost of our service will save you money in the long run. Instead of paying an in-house salesperson or hiring someone new to write your comments, our writers already know what to do and are extremely efficient. We have exceptional turn-around and get your new or used motorcycle comments finished that day so you can keep your inventory sounding its best.

Now that you know more about what we do and how it can improve your sales, you can see that using our custom, handwritten comments is the smart and easy choice. Whether you have tried to write your own descriptions before or just want to utilize the ease and effectiveness of an outside company to bring in customers, Dealer Assist Now is the perfect choice for any size dealership. Take a look at our Powersports page and learn a little more about how to get started. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge; we can help you make your inventory sound its best!

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