So, you think your sales team is above average, and everyone is working their hardest to provide each and every customer with the exact product that they walked in for, right? Wrong. Chances are, your sales team has started down the slippery slope of failing at their job. If you want to truly increase your motorcycle sales, every single person on your team has to be 100% committed and ready to woo the masses with their charm. Today, we will be talking about the six ways your sales team is failing at their job.

  1. You have a golden child. According to The Rainmaker Group, a company which focuses on creating sales wolves, “the existence of a golden child means lower sales performance, productivity, and sale’s team morale.” These “golden children” are untouchable no matter how well they sell a motorcycle. Typically, they are someone close to the owner, manager or they’ve just been around so long that they’re not going anywhere soon.
  2. Your salesperson idolizes the product too much. Someone who is a big fan of a particular type of motorcycle is more likely to empathize with someone when they say “I wish I could afford that” than to sell them a higher-priced motorcycle. In turn, they’ll sell them a lower-priced bike that nobody has heard of. Hiring an enthusiast may seem like a good idea, but chances are they aren’t the best salesperson.
  3. Your salesperson has no passion for the product whatsoever. This happens frequently; someone comes in looking for a job, and you hire them. They don’t care about motorcycles or any other power sports vehicle. They just want an income. Customers can tell the difference between someone who knows what they are selling and someone who is just a glorified clerk.
  4. Your sales team assumes they know things about their customers. A smart salesperson knows that you need to ask questions about the client to get an idea of what it is they need and want in a motorcycle. This is one of three simple guidelines on how to sell more this year by not “selling” at all from Kissmetrics, a company that analyzes customer behavior. Acknowledging that you don’t know everything about your customer will lead to more sales than assuming that everyone who walks into your store wants a touring bike.
  5. If they suck at providing excellent service, they suck at sales. Providing good service instead of offering the bare minimum to a customer will ultimately make more money as well as bring the customer back time and time again. As Contractor Sales Coach, Joe Crisara said: “most people – given a choice – would PREFER to pay more for great service.” This is true in every area of sales. If someone comes into your shop to get help on buying a part and you only sell them what they were looking for without thinking down the long road, you are doing your business and your customer a disservice.
  6. You, the owner/manager, are not involved in the process. Being involved in the process does two things; you give your employees invaluable knowledge based on your experience, and you give your sales team motivation and inspiration. If your salespeople never see you out on the floor, they can easily get discouraged and are quick to complain. Being part of the process is crucial to assisting your sales team to provide your customers with the best overall experience.

While these six ways that a sales team might fail are relatively easy to diagnose, it may not be as easy to fix. There are many training programs available if you have complete faith in your team as a whole and wish to provide them with the opportunity to perform better. For those who just can’t provide quality service, empathize too much with the customer’s sad sob story, or spend too much time chatting about themselves instead of the product, it is better just to cut your losses.

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