Right now is one of your busiest stretches of the year, both in the dealership and out: Not only are you and your team working hard to finish 2020 with strong sales, but you also have to balance that by taking care of your family at home, whether you’re buying presents, putting up decorations, or just hanging out with the people you love. In other words, it’s the perfect time to try Dealer Assist Now.

daN Comments Can Deliver More Sales

As the final few days of December approach, you’re facing your last chance to add sales for the month, the fourth quarter, and the year as a whole. But to get those numbers up, you first have to get people visiting your showroom, either in person or online. An effective, engaging vehicle comment is a great way to start since it will grab a customer’s attention, provide important information, and, perhaps most importantly, it will take shopper interest to the next level by encouraging folks to contact your store.

This may sound easy enough, and plenty of dealerships either try it for themselves or rely on a computer-based service to generate their comments. This is actually good news for daN users because our listings will immediately stand out from those non-professional vehicle efforts or computer-generated copy that’s obviously not meant for human consumption. The difference is that our experts have years of successful experience in researching and handcrafting vehicle comments that get noticed by both shoppers and Internet search engines.

daN Comments Can Keep Your Budget under Control

It’s often tempting to go big during the holiday season when you’re buying gifts for others. In fact, even though financial experts predict we’ll shop a little less this year, they still expect the average person to spend nearly $1,000 on gifts, food, decorations, and other holiday items for 2020. That’s some serious cash, especially considering the current economic uncertainties. Things are a little different at daN, though: You can try out the daN platform for free thanks to a special program that offers you five no-cost comments a day for 10 straight days. We won’t even take your billing info unless you decide to continue with the system. Then, if you do sign up for a full daN account, you can change your mind at any time without worrying about long contracts or hidden fees. We’re just that confident in our product.

daN Comments Can Save You Time

Even if someone at your dealership does have the skills needed to write high-quality vehicle comments, they probably have something better to do with their time — like actively working to sell cars and trucks or keeping the store clean to minimize potential health issues. And as mentioned, the holiday season puts more demands on your team’s attention, leaving less time for anyone to write comments. Another stress factor: Many dealerships are trying to get more done with fewer people as their employees face their own personal pandemic concerns.

Here at daN, however, our one focus is on delivering first-class vehicle descriptions that help you move the metal. So our writers don’t have to take time out from their schedule to deal with shoppers, paperwork, or any of the other daily details needed to keep your store running smoothly. We also have a constantly growing library of millions of master comments that help us meet your needs with quick turnarounds. Need a listing for a car or truck that’s brand-new to the market? Our Comment on Demand program ensures you get one written within 24 hours.

daN Customer Service Is a Grinch-free Zone

When you contact daN, you’ll be put in touch with a “personal shopper” who can help you pick the exact daN program that meets your needs, including a full-service option where you’re partnered with a dedicated daN writer for superior customer service. If you only want us to do the heavy lifting of crafting comments, we have a DIY alternative where you have access to our vehicle-listing library for your own fine-tuning. Just looking for new-car comments for a single brand? We can do that as well. You can also rest assured that our sharp focus on customer satisfaction will continue after you’re a client, too.