We are going to walk through how the writers at Dealer Assist Now go about writing a motorcycle comment. This will give you an inside look as to how our writers handle your inventory, as well as give you great information if you choose to do it yourself.

There are a few things we need before completing the comment. All used motorcycle comments need pictures, so we can look at them and assess the condition of the model, along with any possible upgrades that were added after the user bought it. When looking at these pictures, the more there are, the better. After inspecting the photos, the next step is to write the comment.

Each of our handwritten comments has a formula; one that we have found works best for your customers and the search engines. For this post, we will be using a well-known motorcycle, a 2015 Harley-Davidson Street 500.  We start off with an engaging sentence that also names the year, make, model, trim, and color of the power sports vehicle. Then, we make all the technical specs sound interesting. For example,

“This powerful 494cc V-Twin provides you with plenty of power to zip through the city streets and packed highways with ease. Connected to a responsive 6 Speed Gearbox, you can quickly earn 30mpg on the open road!”

We list the specifications in an interesting way that doesn’t drone on and bore the customer.

Next, we highlight the exterior and handling features. This particular motorcycle was crafted for entry-level riders, so the comment should also appeal to entry-level riders. This is part of what makes handwritten comments so personalized and unique.

The final paragraph covers all the safety information that customers want to know about. This can range from the type of windshield to the ground clearance. If possible, we bring in an outside source such as the National Highway and Traffic Safety Association.

The final thing we add to all of our comments is a closing statement. This is what wraps everything you’ve stated in the comment into one sentence and entices the buyer to come down today and take it home.

For an experienced writer, we can provide a company with a handwritten comment in 15 minutes when we have the proper pictures and information for the power sports vehicle. Dealer Assist Now provides consistent, quality comments each and every time. From A Honda Civic to a Honda Goldwing, from a Ford Hurricane Camper to a Ford F-250.  Now you have the tools that you need to write custom comments yourself, or if all of this sounds too complicated, you can head to our Get Started page and let our professional writers do what they do best so your salespeople can do what they do best.

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